Business & Corporate Law

The Mustoe Law Firm, LLC solves legal problems for people in business.  The problems may be solved through either documenting the risks and responsibilities of the transaction or through litigation.  We believe that virtually all business problems require a business strategy and as lawyers, we implement the legal procedures and options we have learned in decades of practice to implement that strategy. 

In addition, the Mustoe Law Firm LLC assists business owners with: 

  • Employment
  • Tax Planning
  • Agreements
    • Shareholder
    • Non-Compete
    • Independent Contractor
    • Consulting
    • Government Contracts
    • Franchise and Dealership
    • Asset Purchase
    • Loan
    • Real Estate

From the inception of a business to its governance to its dissolution, the attorneys at Mustoe Law Firm, LLC help you make the decisions that are best for your business.