Civil Practice

The Mustoe Law Firm, LLC is your choice for representation in all matters that either have the potential to lead to litigation or are in litigation. Our attorneys seek to resolve disputes, be it through negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and litigation.  

Our attorneys are experienced in all forms of litigation, including civil, commercial, business, contract, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, franchise and dealer agreements, real estate disputes, torts, ERISA, intellectual property and construction.

Whether your case is in municipal, state or federal court, and tried before a judge or a jury, our attorneys are prepared to represent your interest to the fullest extent.  

Areas of Emphasis:

Civil Litigation
The attorneys at Mustoe Law Firm, LLC are prepared to protect your interests in any civil dispute, whether it is in negotiation toward a resolution, mediation of disputes as well as litigation.

Commercial Litigation
The attorneys at Mustoe Law Firm, LLC are prepared to protect your interests in any commercial dispute, including the enforcement of contracts and partnership or shareholder rights, property disputes, non-compete disputes, defending business torts, all with an emphasis on negotiation toward a resolution of such disputes to avoid the expense of trial as well as mediation of such disputes.   

ERISA Litigation
The attorneys at Mustoe Law Firm, LLC represent your interests in employment-related matters, including trade secret and restrictive covenant litigation, allegations of charges of discrimination and harassment, wrongful discharge claims, ERISA actions and administrative disputes.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Real Estate & Property Litigation
The attorneys at Mustoe Law Firm, LLC have extensive experience in real estate law and disputes surrounding real estate, including acquisitions, eminent domain, buy/sell disputes, joint ventures, construction and development, financing, brokerage, zoning, leasing, land use and governmental matters.  We also handle breach of fiduciary duty claims between general and limited partners, loan defaults, foreclosures, receiverships and other distressed commercial property situations.  Our attorneys have experience representing lenders, developers, contractors, and owners or investors in all real properties, including commercial, industrial and residential properties.