Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Mustoe Law Firm, LLC have years of experience in the fundamentals of real estate law and represent clients, including investors, lenders, developers or contractors, in a wide variety of real property matters. These include the acquisition and disposal of real property, construction and development for both residential and commercial use, financing, leasing, property management and landlord/tenant disputes and litigation.  We also are experienced in commercial lending and enforcement, property and ownership disputes and sales and purchase agreements.  In the current economic climate, many distressed homeowners have sought refuge in our firm to save their homes due to foreclosure, predatory lending, mortgage fraud and other related issues. Our attorneys provide you with a foreclosure defense tailored to your specific situation.  In reviewing your case, our attorneys perform an audit of your mortgage and if certain legal impediments to foreclosure are present, the possibility may exist that you may be entitled to quiet title to your home and have the existing mortgage cancelled and removed as an encumbrance on the property.  In addition, our attorneys are experienced in loan modifications and short sales, which involve complicated issues of loan to value ratios, income expense analysis and ability to comply with a modified loan program verses risk of loss. Often mortgage insurance, investment trusts and master servicing agents represent third party involvement that further complicate the existing issues.